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About Hamptons Entertainer


HAMPTONS ENTERTAINER  is a Wellness & Yoga Center that will change your life completely. Our mission is to share the knowledge and improve people’s lifestyle. We are here to heal your body and mind and improve your view of the World. Our journey started with a couple of yoga lovers who decided to show the world a better way of living and how much influence a peaceful mind and body can have on your life in general. Until then we have grown and grown, and now we have multiple wellness and yoga programs to offer, and our team is now numerous. Our team includes Master Yoga Teachers training other teachers and students, other teachers and expert instructors as well as client advisors and professional physiotherapists who will take care of your body with mind-body massages and therapies. We have a mission, a mission that means helping tired people get rested, stressed people becoming happy and careless, and, of course, making your body as beautiful as you are inside. To do this, we have to form strong relationships with our clients, create a little supportive and loving family that will follow you through your life-changing journey. Let’s make a change.

Our Offer

We already mentioned our team and its composition which speaks enough about the diversity of our offers and programs. We at HAMPTONS ENTERTAINER Wellness and Yoga Center offer you multiple different programs all of which are directed to the improvement of our clients’ overall lifestyle and health.  Our Wellness program includes massage sessions, mind and body therapies, health, nutrition and metabolism consultations. Our Yoga program is created to improve the flexibility and strength of your body, and it consists of three parts – exercising and postures, breathing exercise and meditation. These three combined will bring the stillness and peacefulness to your mind and strength to your body.

Wellness Program


Our Wellness program is designed to cover seven dimensions of our clients’ well-being including physical, emotional, intellectual, environmental, occupational, social and spiritual condition. Massage is the oldest healing art, and that’s why we offer you the massage for stress relief, injury recovery, and even fitness recovery massage. Mind & Body Therapies include the consultation and working with professional physiotherapists and psychologists as well as behavior changing treatment. If you already started taking yoga or fitness classes, you should know that we offer nutrition, lifestyle and metabolism consultations that will complete your life-changing journey. We all know diet is crucial when it comes to the healthy way of life, so you have to change this aspect of your life too.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We certainly cannot say our programs are the best and that’s why you should choose use. Of course, there are many other professional and experienced Master Yoga teachers that might be even better than ours. However, we aren’t just your instructors or teachers, and we will be your family and long term friends. When you have no one else to call or speak to we will be there to listen and help you with your problems through Yoga and Meditation Classes as well as other Yoga and Meditation events outside our center.



Jessica Hawkins,  a project manager

When I joined this Wellness and Yoga Center, I realized how I was wasting my life away. Business problems, constant worries, everything, stopped when I started practicing Yoga. Now I couldn’t imagine a day passing by without a yoga class or a little meditation time for myself.


Natalia Jefferson, an interior designer

Instructors are great people who taught me how to cope with all of my problems. I’ve never been healthier or happier before. Yoga classes, massages, consultation, and meditation, changed my life completely. Thank you HAMPTONS ENTERTAINER from the bottom of my heart.

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